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Gully Children's Books

Written and illustrated by Jon Cleave, 30-36 pages full colour, 210x208mm.
Designed and printed in the Westcountry.

gull and crossbones

Gull & Crossbones

Gully and his motley crew of pirate gulls go swashbuckling aboard the Gulleon in search of treasure...well, a nice picnic anyway!

£6.95 + p&p (NON UK Orders... click here)

gull and crossbones

Gully Goes Green

In this latest naughty misadventure, the wicked gull goes green on the inside as well as on the outside.

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gull and crossbones

Gully Celebrity Chef

In this latest naughty misadventure, Gully is highly excited that his very best favourite of all time TV SupaChef, Mr Crispen Crackling, is going to open a celebrity restaurant in his village and that at last he and his feathered friends are going to have some decent gourmet grub to pinch! The gulls decide to lend a hand with the opening celebrations...oh dear!

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gully eggs chicks book

Gully Eggs & Chicks

Gully and the princess have a happy event, and become the proud parents of a pair of beautiful eggs. And when they hatch up in the gullery, Clarence and Claude the flapper-footed fledglings squeak, squawk and squeal for food all day and all night long, until one day the nasty man from the council's pest control department turns up...

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gully artists book

Gully The Artist

Cornwall used to be full of tin miners and fishermen and farmers...now it's full of artists, and not all of them are people! Gully, a little tired of life as a seagull, decides to try his hand at sculpture and graffiti art, and in the process invents gulpture and gulffiti. When Boris the modern artist spots a piece of his work, Gully thinks that he is about to be discovered...

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gully gets a takeaway book

Gully Gets A Take-Away

Gully, the mischievous and greedy Cornish seagull, is outraged when the Trumper's ghastly dog Sabre eats all the delicious cakes left out for him by his friend Mrs Baker. So when the Trumpers troop off to the take-away for their supper, Gully prepares to exact his terrible revenge with an aerial attack that any fighter pilot would be proud of!

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gully gift set

Gully Gift Set

The first 3 installments of Gully's adventures at a special price. Gully Gets a Take-Away, Gully the Artist and Eggs & Chicks

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gully for grown ups

Gully For Grown Ups

Well, we don't want the boring old duffers to feel left out, do we? This is a great big splatttering of Gully cartoons that strip bare any popular misconceptions about seagull behavior that you may have picked up from TV wildlife documentarys.

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